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Always seeking my next opportunity 
to make an impact.

This is me.

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(I do the paid media, landing pages, Emails,
packaging concepts, Integrated creative campaigns...)

My name is Wendi, a digital marketing powerhouse currently working as Brand Marketing Associate at a global consumer brand, supporting creative strategy and brand growth within marketing, sales, e-commerce, and production channels. (You can find us at Costco, Crate&Barrel, William Sonoma, Sur la Table... 😉)


Armed with a top degree in marketing and communications from McCombs Business School at the University of Texas - Austin (... Hook em' Horns! 🤠🤘🏼🐂) as well a foundation in arts and design, I consider myself a capable and adaptable 'jack-of-all-trades', master of many. As a professional multi-hyphenate with a proven track record of success, I am always expanding my horizons, seeking continuous growth, and constantly looking for opportunities to be creative, thoughtful, and resourceful within my work. 


I specialize in driving strategic, analytical, and creative initiatives from conception through execution.

Ranked #4 Marketing
BBA Program in the US! (;

 Digital Marketing  Integrated Marketing 

 Social Media  Brand Management 

 SEM   SEO / Organic Search  PPC / Paid Ads

 Project Management   Creative Strategy 

 Graphic & Web Design  Art Direction

 Copywriting   Email Marketing 

 CRM Development  Automation & Tech 

 Sales   Client Relations  Event Planning

 Bilingual  Mandarin Chinese   Cantonese 

Certifications & Accreditations
from Top Industry Providers

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help businesses
take things to the next level or just find their way on their feet.

With an eye for aesthetics, innate understanding of humans, and extensive toolbox of core competencies, I pretty much consider myself a marketing 'Swiss-army-knife'.


As a business growth 'one-stop-shop', I have a track record of success in anything from digital marketing to business development. Armed with comprehensive knowledge and experience from a variety of industries, I understand the importance of leveraging or prioritizing different channels, platforms, and strategies according to each business, industry, or objective. This also means that I'm used to being scrappy, resourceful, and wearer-of-many hats - making things work and figuring it out under any circumstances or limitations.


I can help businesses and organizations scale and grow, or just find, show, and strengthen their brand identities. 

Check out some work I've done below.

Can't wait to see what I can do for you!

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I even made this custom graphic! (:
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Bayou Buzz

Digital Agency. Restaurant & Hospitality.

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Interests & Passions

Art&Design. Music. Society&Culture.

The Wendi Quiz

Get to know me a little better... 'old-school' magazine style!


Samantha Rising & Miranda MOON 😬

1. Favorite Social Media Platform:

a. Instagram

b. Twitter

c. TikTok

d. Facebook

e. LinkedIn

2.  Go-to drink of choice:

a. Plain cappuccino

b. Classic vanilla latte

c. Iced caramel macchiato

d. Matcha latte


3. My movie night pick would be:

a. comedy 🤣 

b. thriller 😱

c. drama 🎭 

d. action 💥

4. My last meal would be: ______________________________________



5. My music playlists consists of: _______________________________


                          Basil fried rice with fried tofU 

Plus order of tiger cry beef...thai food for sure 🤤  

                                   'A mix of everything' but Lots of Blackbear, Mac Miller, Bad Bunny, SZA & Doja Cat

Love Matcha... But I can usually make it better at home!

6. Which SATC (Sex and the City) Character are you?

a. Carrie

b. Samantha

c. Miranda

d. Charlotte

7. If I had a superpower, it would be:

a. Teleportation

b. Invisibility

c. Time Manipulation

d. Mind-reading

8. My Dream Job is: ___________________________________________

9. Within the next 5 years I'd like to:

a. go to grad school 🎓

b. travel the world ✈️

c. start a business 💰

d. get married 💍

10. Someday I want to: ________________________________________


                     Creative Director & Idea-haver 💡

                          Make a positive change In the world...

and hopefully leaving behind a lasting FOOTPRINT

The Rest CAN come after (:

BONUS: Do you have any pets? _________________________________

Yes, Two Dogs! 🐕 🐾 ♥️ 


Heihei (13 yr old)

Mango (5 yr old)

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