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I was previously the marketing & CRM specialist for Pelazzio Reception Venue, a leading local reception venue offering all-inclusive event planning services.

My primary responsibilities and contributions included:

  • Directing and coordinating marketing efforts across all channels & teams including website, SEO/organic search, PPC/paid Google & Meta ads, organic socials, CRM/email & automation, event marketing, and more

  • Majorly optimizing and overhauling existing ads, copy, media, and assets across marketing channels, platforms, and webpages

  • Executing front-end development and implementing workflows, modules, forms, templates, integrations, analytic reports, and customizations for Zoho CRM

  • Setting up, configuring, and utilizing applications within Zoho One Suite: Zoho Bookings, Social, Projects, Campaigns, Sign, Forms, Marketing, and SalesIQ

  • Maintaining and building websites on various builders and CMS platforms including Wix, Squarespace, Wordpress Elementor, and Zoho Sites

  • Proposing and leading company rebranding initiative; creating and integrating new designs, mockups, strategies & marketing plan

  • Managing KPI reporting, data analysis & monthly marketing budget of $7-15K with average ROI of ~2500%

Beyond managing marketing channels and efforts, I proposed and integrated a rebranding initiative with new designs, mockups, and strategies, based on the idea of making dream weddings affordable and stress-free for the everyday bride. Pelazzio takes the wedding stress off of you and your wallet. Wanting to stand out from the typical and overdone, I incorporated sleek, elegant designs with graphic floral elements and on-trend accent colors to evoke a sense of attainable luxury. 

My comprehensive marketing strategy and collective efforts led to consistent improvements in organic social metrics (followers, views, likes, engagement), paid advertising KPI's (interaction rate, average CPC, conversion rate) and open house attendance, which contributed to lead generation, sales, and revenue hitting target or surpassing expectations nearly every month.

integrated marketing strategy. graphic & brand design. web development. marketing collateral. google & facebook ads. social media. content marketing. search engine optimization. copywriting. email marketing. event planning. lead generation. CRM development.



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