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Freelance Services

marketing, à la carte

Ideal for entrepreneurs or small to mid-sized businesses wanting to level up, but may not be ready to fully upscale their marketing team yet... or perhaps those just needing some extra support and guidance, services from my One-Stop Shop can be found below.

I pretty much do it all, and do it all pretty well... seriously!

Social Media

Whether you want to maintain a stunning digital profile or strategically boost social reach, engagement, followers and conversions - I can stop the scroll with engaging content, strategic collaborations, and targeted community engagement. ​​____________________________ Instagram • TikTok • Facebook • Youtube • Pinterest • LinkedIn​ • Influencer, Sponsorship & Collaboration Outreach

Paid Ads

Say goodbye to ineffective ad spend and hello to a tailored paid ad approach that generates real, measurable results. With my expertise in comprehensive research, intentional targeting, and effective strategies, experience the power of optimized ads, persuasive copywriting, meticulous campaign management, and data-driven optimizations. ​​____________________________ Facebook • Instagram • TikTok • Google Search | Display | Shopping • Youtube • Yahoo • Bing • LinkedIn

Technology &

Business Automation

As for all other digital and tech needs, I can help your business run more efficiently and work smarter, not harder. From setting up, troubleshooting or configuring software, customizing CRM modules and workflows, building landing pages and sales funnels, to looking for ways to automate, streamline, or optimize systems and processes - you'd be surprised how much time, and money, I've helped save - and bring in. ​​____________________________ Configurations & Troubleshooting • Optimization & Automation • Email & SMS • CRM Development • APIs • Sales Funnels • Lead Magnets • AI Tools • POS Systems • Business Applications • Calendar & Booking

Brand Design

& Creative Direction

Got a project needing an artistic and creative mind? No matter if it's a new launch needing to make a splash or an established name craving a new identity, I can help conceptualize, develop, and create spaces, designs, and marketing collateral that aligns with your brand's distinctive personality, vision, and aesthetic. ____________________________ Graphic Design • Branding Kits • Logos • Brand Assets & Animations • Art & Creative Direction • Marketing Materials • Product & Fashion Styling • Interior Design

Organic Search

Make sure you're showing up in front of audiences who are already searching for you. With topnotch content writing and SEO practices in mind, I can improve webpage rank and visibility, or just help business and products generate positive reviews, strengthen their online presence, and show up in relevant search results. ​​____________________________ Google • Bing • Yahoo • Yelp • TripAdvisor • Amazon • eBay • Etsy



Sometimes the old school way still works, perhaps even better than before. For businesses and industries looking to go outside of the digital box, I can help research, strategize, and coordinate locally targeted, traditional marketing efforts such as grand openings, offline media outreach, print communications, and so on. ​​____________________________ Event Planning • Direct Mail • Flyers & Brochures • Handouts & Posters • Banners & Signage • Newspaper • Radio • Public Relations • Promotional Items • Billboards

Copy & Content

Looking for compelling yet optimized copy and content that sounds like it was written for humans by humans, rather than by a machine for search engines? My work is backed by an integrate communications strategy that not only cohesively represents your brand or message across all marketing channels and platforms, but also effectively engage, inform, and persuade your audience. ​​____________________________ Web Content • Ad Copy • Captions • Email Marketing • Newsletters • Blog Posts • Articles • Press Releases • Taglines & Descriptions

Web Design 

Ready to take back control with owned media? Make a good impression, establish authority, and enhance user experience with your own stunning, bespoke website or landing page - with support for relevant plug-ins, functionalities and integrations such as ecommerce capabilities, service or appointment booking calendars, delivery and online ordering systems, MLS databases, live chat, contact options, and more. ​​____________________________ Wordpress | Elementor • Squarespace • Wix • Shopify • Duda • Showit • Apps & Integrations


Executive Assistant

For those needing general administrative, technical or creative support - whether you need someone to consistently fulfill set responsibilities or just an extra hand to help take the load off for now - I can provide executive assistant services virtually, tailored to your specific needs. ​____________________________ Data Entry & Management • Calendar Scheduling • Logistics Planning • Communications Support • Research & Reporting • Property Management • Chinese-English Translation & Transcription

Although it may seem so at times, marketing is not one-size-fits-all. 

These are some of the general services I offer, although each business and industry requires an integrated strategy and marketing plan with initiatives, deliverables, and solutions specifically tailored to their growth, goals, and budget. 


For exact scope and pricing, let's get to know each other a little more so I can create a custom proposal and strategy outline according to your unique needs.

Feel free to book a complimentary discovery call, or to inquire about anything else I could help with!

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